JUNE 2014

During June we continue to make a reminiscence wall in the 'quiet lounge'. We would be grateful for ideas and contributions from family and friends. Any nostalgic photographs or momentoes would be reproduced and added to the display. We also displaying different art work around The Grange. We also have an offer of wallspace within an art gallery to exhibit our work!

We would be grateful of any picture/ assorted frames and maisonary paint to assist us with some of our ideas. Please see Shirley if you can help.

DATES FOR JUNE;  The Grange summer fayre will be 21st June 2014, from 2.30pm - 4.30pm, please come along and support us. Donations for the tombola,

                             raffle, book, cake and brick a brac stalls would be gratefully recieved.

                             12th June Bingo at Risley Hall

                             18th June  Entertainment with Alan Hill

                              other trips out, dates to be confirmed due to assessing weather forecasts.

We have Freda and Evelyn who celebrate their birthdays this month.

Residents meeting Tuesday afternoon 10th June 2014.

Staff training this month is Dementia, Equality and Diversity and Fire Training.

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