The last of summer and the of fall.

                                            Together they stand  in August Days.

                                         The garden is bright with summer bloom.

                                          And yet there creeps in the autumn haze

                                           You can look forward or backwards

                                          To a lovely summer you might recall

                                      But the changing of the season has come-

                                       The last of the summer and the first of fall


Our residents have been making the most of our beautiful large garden , enjoying refreshments in the shade, the garden is in full bloom.

We have one birthday this month "Isobel" who will be 99 years of age .


9th Aug   Kev Smith 

16th  Aug CK Cody 

23rd Aug  TBA

30th TBA

The Grange would like to welcome two new members of staff Kyra Thompson and Jenny Salt both carers, we hope you will be happy in our team.



1) what flower is the national flower of Wales ?

2) How many teeth does and Aardvark have ?

3) Which animal is the largest member of the cat family ?

4) What year did World War 2 start ?

5) What animal represents the star sign Leo ?

6)What 3 letter word is a fox's home ?

7) Who wrote the Wind in the Willows ?

8) Name the sweet nectar collected by bees ?

9) Name the largest castle in Scotland ?

10) Do reptiles jave warm or cold blood ?





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