Grange Gazette

August Edition 2021


Our July ‘Armchair Holiday’ to Hawaii was a great success and we look forward to enjoying another adventure in September.

Next time we are holidaying in the USA and will be visiting the Wild West!  Remember to pack your cowboy hat so we can enjoy fun and games with a good old singalong and a taste of Texas from the kitchen!

Details will be announced in the September newsletter and we look forward to seeing everyone with their passports in the (departure) lounge! 


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Over the past weeks residents have been busy knitting blankets for Battersea and the Grange received a lovely thank-you letter for all their hard work.  The blankets are a valuable source of comfort for cats and dogs and used as snuggle blankets in their beds. They are also a special something to can take to their new forever home to give a sense of security as they settle in with their new family.

If anyone would like to join the knitting group please have a word with Shirley who will provide any materials you might need.


Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

This year we are supporting ‘Hearing Dogs’ as our chosen charity and staff have so far raised £40 towards the charity.

Marion has taken up the challenge and is hoping to increase our donation with her knitted dogs which are on sale at £1.50 each.

While we have a huge litter of puppies for sale Marion is happy to take special orders.

Velocette Motorcycle Owners Club

Paul from the owner’s club will be calling in on the afternoon of 18th August with vintage motorbikes during their drive-by. We will be able to view them from the dining room window and listen to the sound of the engines.  Our thanks to everyone at the motorcycle club.


Music Jam

Again we would like to thank Papa John for his visits and ‘jamming sessions’. We are delighted to announce our duo will soon be a ‘trio’ with the addition of a singer!

With John on guitar and Peter playing the harmonica; after a few more practice sessions they hope to be entertaining everyone.  Well done Peter; you are a star

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